O velho novo normal

Do you also sometimes pass by without noticing something that is very important? Or do you realize that something super relevant is happening, but in a short time it seems that it was far behind, as if it had been a dream?

One of the central points of a learning process is the energy we dedicate to reflecting on the experiences we go through. This is a key issue that explains why many people spend their lives procrastinating on fundamental changes they need to make. It is also one of the reasons why we see many companies investing in training for their employees, generating doubts and/or frustrations as to the effective results.

These reflections here on self-responsibility for one’s own personal evolution, in fact, are for us to talk about what we are all experiencing in 2020 and the great risk of passing half-baked to the “new normal” that is established, without taking better advantage of the learning potential and transformation that this year generated in each one of us. We can ignore this opportunity, either because it was a difficult experience, or because we are simply not in the habit of self-reflection. In such cases, we must be careful how we interpret the practice of overcoming. If we want to overcome challenges moving forward, without the right moment(s) for processing learning, we can fall into the trap of continuing to repeat the same mistakes and/or conditioning, only in different scenarios.

You may have already realized that the purpose of this text is an invitation to value breaks more, so that they receive the attention and schedule they deserve. 

When we are on a beach on a holiday, it is interesting to observe how many people arrive right away turning on loud music, having parties, that is, bringing their daily hustle even to the moment of pause. 

The idea here is not to criticize each one’s choice on how to use their free time, just to illustrate that we continually waste opportunities to make deeper reflections, create a space to silence and learn. No matter what size or type of crisis each of us went through in 2020, there are messages that serve all of us, that go beyond what each of us experienced.

How clear are our personal values ​​and motivations? How much do we act in line with these values?

Is the way I live my life making sense to me if I put it all into a broader perspective? Do my habits and greater goals include respect for the planet and the rest of humanity?

What changes can / do I need to make from everything I experienced (we experienced) this year so that I can leave 2020 with the clarity that all of this, no matter how difficult it eventually was for each of us, made me a being better human?

I wish you good reflections, good choices about how to enjoy your holidays (or vacations) and the courage to look inward with desire. May your 2021 already be calling you to put your own ′′ new normal ′′ into practice.


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